7067 Tiltall Travel Tripod-Kit 2go (TC-225 K)


Consisting of Travel Tripod 2go TC-225 and Ball Head BH-07 in titan grey. Tripod legs and center column made from carbon fiber. (For aircraft aluminum version see 7066.)

Tiltall Travel Tripod 2go
Light-weight tripod with especially compact pack size.
Five-section tripod legs with anti-twist protection and twist locks for fast and easy operation. Spread angle of legs can be individually adjusted and locked in three positions, covered ratchet toothing with release button. 180 degrees reversible legs for reduced pack size.

Anti-skid rubber feet.

Movable and extendable center column with twist locks and spring loaded hook. Reversible center column for macro shots. Center column can also be removed for close-to-ground level-setting. 1/4"-3/8” interchangeable thread.

All tripod legs have leg warmers made of foam layers covering the top section.

One tripod leg is detachable and can be converted to a monopod by adding the removable center column.

Comes with a padded carrying case with adjustable shoulder strap and carry handle.

Tiltall Ball Head BH-07
Solid ball head for viewfinder, CSC and DSLR cameras.

Quick release system with dovetail clamping and blocking screw (Arca-Swiss compatible). Detachable slide-off protection. Quick release plate with non-slip surface, 1/4" D-ring screw with coin slot.

360 degree panning socket with blocking screw and graduated scale.

All locking knobs have rubber coated gripping surface and are secured against unintentional removal.

Three spirit levels.

3/8” tripod bush.


Code no. 7066  7067
Type TE-225 K TC-225 K
Travel Tripod 2go TE-225 TC-225
Material Aluminum Carbon
Tube ø max. (mm) 22 
Ball Head BH-07 
Ball diameter (mm) 30 
Socket diameter (mm) 45 
Incl. quick release plate 6004 
Tripod with Ball Head   
Max. height (cm) 130.5 
Height (center column not extended) (cm) 105.5 
Min. height (cm) 21 
Pack size (cm) 31.5 
Monopod height 57.5-133.5 
Weight (kg) 7
Max. load (kg) 1.32 1.16

All specifications are approximate.

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