700030 Kinetronics Static-Wisk Anti-Static-Brushes 700 010-281


The Static Wisk SW-010 anti-static cleaning brush was specially developed for removing loose particles of dust from the surface of CCD chips of digital cameras. 

It is naturally also suitable for removing dust from SRL mirrors, objectives, optical components and other sensitive surfaces. The combination of anti-static brush hairs with a conductive handle removes static electrical charges from the surfaces that are to be cleaned. The brush hair is mounted in a sliding sleeve. This enables the brush hardness to be regulated along the entire length of the brush hairs: softer when the brush hairs are extended a long way out of the sleeve and harder when the hairs only protrude a little. The Static Wisk SW-010 is supplied with a holding strap. 

Kinetronics Static Wisk Cleaning brush is particularly suitable for cleaning sensitive surfaces and at the same time removing any existing static charge. The smaller brushes are ideal for removing dust from films or objectives without any danger to the coating. The bigger brushes are used for removing dust and lint from larger surfaces, such as the glass on picture frames, scanner glass, monitors, acrylic surfaces or plastic surfaces.

The brush consists of a mixture of highly-flexible natural fibers and conductive synthetic fibers as well as a handle made of conductive plastic.

After they have been cleaned the treated surfaces are electrically neutral, and hence do not attract any dust particles. For extremely difficult cases there is also a brush with an earthing cable, which particularly effectively removes any charges.

Dirty brushes can be washed without this influencing their anti-static effect. The brushes can be used at temperatures of up to 65°.

The brushes are available in the sizes 10, 20, 30, 60, 100, 140 and 280 mm, and the widths from 100 mm are also available with earthing cables.

 SW-010  10 mm / 0.4“   700 010
 SW-020    20 mm / 0.8“  700 020
 SW-030    30 mm / 1.2“  700 030
 SW-060    60 mm / 2.4“  700 060
 SW-100    100 mm / 4“  700 100
 SW-101    100 mm / 4“  700 101 (with earthing cable)
 SW-140    140 mm / 5.5“  700 140
 SW-141  140 mm / 5.5“  700 141 (with earthing cable)
 SW-280  280 mm / 11“  700 280
 SW-281   280 mm / 11“  700 281 (with earthing cable)

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