750001 Kinetronics Anti-Static Glove 750 001-003


The glove is made of a mixture of soft microfibers with conductive fibers and not only discharges static charges but also prevents dust-attracting electrostatic charges being generated when handling sensitive parts. In addition the gloves clean dust and dirt from materials and protect against scratches and fingerprints.

The specific resistance of the anti-static gloves is seven megohms, which is an excellent conductivity and an adequate safety allowance for avoiding unintentional discharges. The special design prevents arcing due to too high conductivity.

The lint-free gloves are suitable for handling films, optics, semiconductors, printed circuit boards, plastic objects, photos and also glass or plastic. Dirty gloves can be washed in a mild soap solution and dried in the tumbler-drier.

They are available in pairs in the sizes SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE.

750 001 ASG-S Antistatic Gloves SMALL
750 002 ASG-M Antistatic Gloves MEDIUM
750 003 ASG-L Antistatic Gloves LARGE

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