706518 Kinetronics Panther Cloth 706 416, 706 510, 706 511, 706 518


This anti-static cloth is specially optimized for using with fluids and cleaning solutions. The cloth itself is not saturated or impregnated. The anti-static effect is guaranteed through conductive parts of the weave, whose effectiveness remains constant throughout its use. The dirt collection is supported by hundreds of tiny „pockets“ in the microfiber weave.

The Panther cloth is excellently suited for the anti-static damp cleaning of sensitive surfaces. Here any generation of new charges is effectively hindered. Ideally it can be used with not only the Kinetronics Precision Cleaning Solution (PLC) but also with glass cleaner or other alcohol-based cleaning solutions.

The Panther cloth is available in three sizes.

706 518 PC-BP 250 x 450 mm (10 x 18“)
706 510 PC-MPC8 200 x 200 mm (8 x 8“)
706 416 LCD 8x PC-MPC8 + 8x PLC (Display)

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