700001 Kinetronics Tiger Cloth 700 001, 706 708, 707 030, 707 031


This anti-static cleaning cloth consists is made of a highly conductive textile containing two different types of fibers. The soft basic textile weave of microfibers has hundreds of tiny pockets, which collect particles of dust and dirt. Specially conductive fibers which are woven into the fabric ensure a high surface conduction and hence guarantee an efficient discharge of static charges.

In contrast to anti-static treatment of cloths with conductive fluids or impregnations the anti-static effect of Kinetronics cloths is completely retained. Here nothing can dry out or evaporate.

The cloth can always be used as many times as required and is washable, soft and lint-free. It is ideal for cleaning film strips, electronic printed circuit boards, CDs, computer monitors, scanner glass, objectives, binoculars, touchscreens, cameras or picture frames. It prevents the formation of charges that attract dust on all surfaces that are not conductive and are therefore susceptible to this, for instance plastic or glass.

The Tiger cloth is available in three different sizes:

700 001 ASC: 250 x 450 mm (10 x 18“)
706 708 ASC-PP/8: 8 x ASC-BP, 250 x 450 mm (10 x 18“)
707 030 ASC-TC8: 200 x 200 mm (8 x 8“)
707 031 ASC-TC5: 130 x 145 mm (5 x 6“) --> discontinued

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