5914 Oświetlenie do Studia out-of-the-Box


Contains two lights each equipped with a fluorescent lamp, adjustable in height, pivotable and tiltable, mounted on tilting holding arms. High frequency operation with integrated electronic ballasts. There are two fastening points on each side of the table to attach the lights.

Lamps: fluorescent tubes 2 x 8 W, approx. 4000 Kelvin, approx. 5000 hours service life.

(Replacement lamp:
5909: 8 W, approx. 4000 K, 5000 hours service life or
2133: 8 W, approx. 5400 K, 8000 hours service life)

This product is marketed for the primary purpose of illumination for image capture. It is not intended for household lighting.

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